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Two Point Hospital sim and native support

two point hospital management simulation and linux support update for steam

Two Point Hospital management simulation coming to Steam for Windows, but no Linux support is confirmed. SEGA Europe Ltd. and Two Point Studios just announced the title. Which looks very much like a Unity 3D game.
That being said, there has been some interest in Linux support in the Steam Discussions.

Linux Support:

We have already been in contact with the folks at SEGA a couple weeks back. So we are here to shed some light on things.

“Unfortunately I have no news yet on the Linux support.

There are some conversations happening right now as to next steps and I should know more in about 2 -3 weeks.”

Since this statement is coming directly from SEGA. Which is also our second attempt to confirm Linux support. The details are obviously “unconfirmed” for the SteamDB Listing. We will definitely post more details as they become available. Since the “conversations” do seem very hopeful.

What is Two Point Hospital?

Two Point Hospital takes inspiration by and from the creators of Theme Hospital. Which is also set to be a return of gaming’s most loved sim genres. Two Point Hospital draws on the experience of some the gaming industry’s most experienced and successful sim developers. So between them, in addition to Theme Hospital have worked on popular titles. Such Black and White, Theme Park and Fable. Which also includes studios Bullfrog, Lionhead and Mucky Foot. Two Point Hospital will deliver a compelling experience. Since it comes loaded with the humour, charm and replayability fans of the genre have come to expect. And our SEGA rep also has nothing but positive feedback from an early build.

Two Point Hospital, coming to Steam in late 2018. In what ‘experts’ are describing as a ‘light bulb moment for completely fictional medicine’, the Farnham based studio are drawing plaudits for their inception of the ‘De-Lux Clinic’, which is being rolled out across Two Point County to tackle the recent epidemic of this filamentally flummoxing affliction.

Light-Headedness was first experienced by patient zero, known only as Trevor. You can follow the illuminating story of Trevor and his battle with this rare disease by watching our enlightening infomercial about Two Point Hospital here:

Two Point Hospital – Developer Vision Trailer:

Two Point Hospital will launch for PC via Steam and the SEGA Store later this year. For more information about all things Two Point Hospital sign up for our Hospital Pass. Hospital Pass will give fans of the game a chance to access exciting news concerning Two Point Hospital before anyone else as well as the gift of an exclusive in game item once the game launches.

You can also follow the game’s progress on YouTube and Twitter.

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