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Two-year anniversary of Binding of Isaac documentary released for the game

Edit: Woops! We’d originally suggested that 2 Player Productions were behind this film. And, er, they are not. Apologies for the confusion.

The Binding of Isaac’s two year’s old and to celebrate, Indie Game: The Movie creators Blinkworks Media have released a 30 minute special on the making of Edmund McMillen’s roguelike. But unfortunately the YouTube video has been set to “private”.

However, the documentary does cover how McMillen created the game out of a need to escape the safety net that Super Meat Boy’s funding provided. Financial fear had driven that game’s development. This time McMillen used time and risk. His usual collaborator, Tommy Refenes, was away for a week so McMillen gave himself that time to make a game.

The risk was to make a game that could “hurt [his] career in some way.”

That game became The Binding of Isaac.

Currently on Steam, Binding of Isaac is definitely a game you need to get it if you have not already.


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