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Tycoon-style singleplayer title for PC and Linux from DayZ creator

Tycoon-style singleplayer title for PC and Linux from DayZ creator

DayZ creator Dean “Rocket” Hall’s next game is a singleplayer Tycoon-style title for PC and Linux that might be out as soon as early 2015.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Hall said he began working on the #game before signing on to Arma developer #BohemiaInteractive, and that he planned to complete it in a studio he is setting up in Queenstown, New Zealand.

A Steam Early Access release is a possibility.

“It’s not a particularly overwhelming game, but it’s really important to get the direction and approach and the team set up properly,” Hall said.

“Multiplayer is in my blood, but this one won’t be a multiplayer game. It’s more to get the juices flowing, make sure the team is set up.

“You’ve got to have all the production processes. It’s not a good idea to jump in and try and make some massive big MMO game. You’ve got to get there in stages,” he added.

“I’m really looking forward to going back to New Zealand. I want to make a Valve in the South Pacific, if Valve focused on making games and not making Steam.”

Hall was effusive in his praise for that company, which he visited recently.

“I love how Valve is everywhere, but you don’t see them. They don’t have big booths. They don’t do lots of interviews but they’re everywhere,” he said.

“But they’re there to meet with developers and find talented people and walking around the indie booths. That’s the direction I want to head.

“Multiplayer for me is the Holy Grail. It’s the end state. And not far away either,” Hall added.

“My plan is to develop many games concurrently with the idea of developing risky games at a reasonably low cost to prototype them.

“Let’s say you develop three concurrently. One of them might break even. One of them might be a complete and utter failure and one of them might be a big success. That’s the recipe I want to follow: going for risky, multiplayer, out-there titles.”

As for DayZ, Hall said he was “incredibly confident” that it will be feature complete at the end of 2014. The priority is transitioning it to a new engine and polishing it up, but console versions are still a possibility after that.

“Obviously I have a lot of architectural knowledge of the game and the engine and how it’s set up,” said Hall.

“So I’m sure I’ll be involved next year, but not from a project lead standpoint. It’s unfair to try to lead a project from another country. You have to be there.”

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