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Tyranny Review, Obsidian’s latest RPG for Linux, Mac and Windows

tyranny review and video for obsidian's latest rpg on linux, mac and windows

With time and dedication, Obsidian Entertainment have continued to make a name for themselves. Tyranny is their next child born of a labor of love. Even if you have not heard of them before, it’s likely you’ve played one of their RPG’s before. Think Star Wars KOTOR 2, Pillars of Eternity or even Fallout New Vegas.


Tyranny is the latest in their line up. It’s looking to release on Windows, Mac, and Linux simultaneously on day one. So it should be no surprise that it’s being published by the ever so multi-platform friendly Paradox Interactive. At this time, Tyranny looks to be a PC-only title as is befitting the cRPG genre.

Obsidian is attempting to set a new path with Tyranny by creating a world where evil has already won! That’s right, there is no battle between good or evil. Every choice you make is about maximizing what you get out of it, and how it benefits you. Ignore everyone else’s needs, and let the greed consume you.

Tyranny review video:

Story Background

You are a foot soldier. The evil of this world sought you out early on for it’s army. Over many conquests, you’ve become a standing figure of power.

With no mercy and no kindness, Kyros, your tyrannical overlord continues to give you increased control and power within the world. This comes at a cost though. When the overlord  gives you a command, you must complete it or die. You won’t be the only one to die though, as the Overlord will wipe out everyone within the area you were meant to complete the commandment in. You, your allies, your enemies and everyone in between will perish!

Building up on their recent experience with Pillars Of Eternity, Tyranny looks to enhance itself on the isometric cRPG experience by improving upon past weak points. This is clear with how focused the story is, and how interesting it quickly grows to be from the moment you set foot in the world.

Art and Design

Tyranny also flexes it’s artistic angle by ensuring bright denominating colors are used for the two main factions. Purple for the Disfavoured and red for the Scarlet Chorus. These two factions are under Kyros, and they represent the embodiment of the choices you make. Do you choose to slaughter your allies to gain the advantage? Then, gain favor with the Disfavoured. Do you prefer to send in the elites without considering tactic? Then, gain favor with the Scarlet Chorus.

Tyranny expands on this new style by adding in updating NPC chat icons. You’ll find talking to NPCs feels more alive. The NPCs actively change their icon images to signal their expressions, and emote their actions to you.

Thanks to the bright colors, it’s now easy to identify iconic characters and factions. They implemented it well enough that the morbidity of the world is not lost on our visual senses. The scenarios feel as dark and horrible as ever, whilst allowing one to maintain individuality with color combos.

Fighting Mechanics

The improvements don’t stop there though. Whilst the fighting mechanics mirror Pillars of Eternity very seriously, Tyranny does attempt to innovate here with a new game mechanic. Likely to be a fan favorite of many RPG players, spell creation brings to Tyranny the ability to craft your magic!

Simplicity yet expansion for creativity is part of the idea with this new system. All you have to do is combine two sigils together, one major and one minor, to form a new spell. There’s even the choice to give it a unique name and a specific icon!

As was the fighting style in Pillars of Eternity, you will to need make no expense on pausing. So, mashing that pause button is still a must! Don’t fear though, there’s ample pause options to automate the process for you. Tactics and strategy are still a must when approaching enemies. You’ll want to always scan your area for advantages.

End Note

Tyranny is not perfect though. With it’s new design theme, the world appears more 3D. Whilst this brings the advantage of cool looking visuals, it does introduce a problem. Often, you’ll come to notice your party looks like it’s floating when walking on the terrain. This can become ever so jarring when you start noticing it.

All in all, I have not been able to find much faults with Tyranny for the time I have spent with it. If you’re excited for this title, or you’re looking for the next RPG after Pillars of Eternity, Tyranny looks ready to serve.

To end this, I hope you’ve found this short review is as informative as possible. I strive to keep it spoiler free yet touch on important points. This has been a Penguin Recordings review! Todd of LGC and myself would like to extend a very big thanks to Obsidian Entertainment for the pre-release review copy for the video.

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What is it that you are looking for most in Tyranny? Are you excited for it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!


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