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Tyrant’s Blessing tactical strategy hits Kickstarter

tyrant’s blessing tactical strategy hits kickstarter in linux gaming mac and windows pc

Tyrant’s Blessing tactical strategy hits Kickstarter in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to indie game developer Mercury Game Studio. Who are also proud to announce the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter is due to support the completion of Tyrant’s Blessing. Which is already over 50% funded towards the £15,000 ($20,606 USD) goal. Which is impressive for this single-player tactical turn-based strategy game. That also features roguelike elements. And takes inspiration by award winning indie classic, Into The Breach by Subset Games.

Tyrant’s Blessing is due to officially release in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC by Q1 2022. While offering a fully playable Alpha build due to release later this year. To win the game, you must salvage weapons, equipment, and supplies from your fallen enemies. Then assemble your team of heroes to reclaim your homeland.

Tyrant’s Blessing – Announcement Trailer

Tyrant’s Blessing tells the gripping story of Tyberia overrun by the Dead Army. With an emphasis on tactical combat. The player will face dozens of challenging battles in a predictive turn style setting. Which you play on a series of small and compact maps. So you can defeat the Dead Army.

With every battlefield claimed by the forces of darkness. Now their numbers grow and victory falls even farther out of reach. So now you must put an end to this, before the invasion becomes a rout. Offering different locations in Tyrant’s Blessing to choose from. Each offering a different challenge and resource awards. All before engaging in combat, it is critical to analyze your enemy’s forces to prevail. Pets are part of the game to support your roster of heroes. They also cost less to deploy and are not as powerful. They each offer a unique skillset. Even more, they may be a deciding factor on your quest to victory.

Tyrant’s Blessing is the debut title by the developer. And the Kickstarter campaign is off to a great start. While the game is fully playable, and the core mechanics are already in place. Currently, more units, skills and polishing of various gaming elements are in production. But giving the process of funding, it looks like fans of the genre are eager to partake in the project.


  • Predictive Turn-Based Tactical Combat
  • Unique Heroes With Abilities & Synergies
  • Recruitable Heroes
    Multiple Biomes With Unique Obstacles & Hazards
  • 10 Unlockable Heroes
  • Compact Maps, Nothing Is Left To Chance
  • Dark Blessing, Fallen Units Become Servants Of The Dead

Tyrant’s Blessing tactical strategy is going strong on Kickstarter. Due to makes it’s way onto Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC at the same time via Steam. So you might want to check out the crowdfunding campaign and offer your support.

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