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Uber and Nordic Games partner for Planetary Annihilation release

Nordic Games partner with Uber for Planetary Annihilation release

Publisher Nordic Games will team up with Planetary Annihilation developer #UberEntertainment to bring the real-time-strategy game to Earthly #retail shops, a press release announced this week. Nordic will also be involved in a “non-exclusive partnership” regarding PA‘s digital release. When said partnership will result in finished copies for everyone is currently up in the air though, as Uber’s “when it’s done”  mentality is focused on launching PA when the developer feels “confident about its level of polish.”

Nordic purchased the Darksiders, Titan Quest, Red Faction and MX vs ATV properties from THQ’s auction earlier this year. It also bought the rights to Costume Quest and Stacking, but Nordic gave those licenses back to their developer, Double Fine, in a heist-free transaction that totally wasn’t in Vienna.

Nordic Games and Uber Entertainment Unite To Form The Uber of Video Games

Suited Scandinavian drivers to deliver Planetary Annihilation to your door

London, United Kingdom – December 12, 2013: Nordic Games and Uber Entertainment were going to announce one of those taxi startups, but sending suited Scandinavians around the world to deliver new games turned out to be WAY too expensive. Who knew! Instead, the two gaming giants are announcing an exciting partnership to bring the retail version of Planetary Annihilation to market, as well as a non-exclusive partnership to handle the online release.

Planetary Annihilation takes real-time strategy to a planetary scale. Players colonise solar systems, smash entire worlds, and obliterate foes in epic battles with multiple players and thousands of units.

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