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Ubuntu Linux as smartphone OS soon?

It’s common knowledge that Linux, in some form, is being used by Google in its Android smartphone OS. In fact, many of the other mobile operating systems designed for smartphones and tablets are in some way related to Linux. Ubuntu Linux is best known for the most used Linux distribution around the world. Turns out, Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux has bigger plans for the operating system. Going by the wanted jobs post made by Canonical on their site which clearly states – Business Development Manager (Ubuntu Phone OS) – it’s clear that Ubuntu is coming to the smartphone platform in a big way. The key responsibilities only confirm the doubts – the position requires the person to build a commercial environment around the Ubuntu smartphone OS.

Coming soon, to a smartphone near you

Ubuntu as an operating system has branched out into a number of flavours. Some of these are designed for netbooks. There has been talk in the past of a tablet variant of the operating system as well. Any details on this front are expected sometime this year. It’s still early and it’s hard to predict when the smartphone OS “product” will finally shape up. Canonical is unlikely to be making their own phones with their OS on it. Like Google, they’ll have to tie up with other existing OEM brands. Currently, phone manufacturers have a number of operating systems available, of which Android and Windows Phone are the most popular.

Canonical’s move to launch Ubuntu as a smartphone OS is likely to be a difficult one considering the lead that Google has, with their Android OS. Google also has more resources and a lot of experience in this field. Naturally they’re going to have to seriously up their game if they want to survive. Other similar attempts in the past haven’t worked out too well either. Still, it should add to the competition and if Canonical is able to deliver a unique and high performing platform, it may shake things up in the smartphone industry. Canonical already has an Ubuntu for Android build out, which basically allows PC-docked Android phones to run Ubuntu on PCs.

by Rossi Fernandes

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