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Ubuntu opens the doors to app store development centre

Could encourage more consumer apps to be ported to Linux

LINUX VENDOR Canonical has launched its app developer web site in a bid to persuade developers to port applications over to its Ubuntu Linux distribution.

Ubuntu’s Software Center is Canonical’s app store for its popular Ubuntu Linux distribution, offering both free and paid applications. Hardened Linux users will look upon it as a graphical front end to Dselect, but Canonical has put a lot of work into its Software Center to not only generate cash but also make Ubuntu easier to use.

Steve George, VP of business development at Canonical said, “The Ubuntu developer site aims to help put Ubuntu on the app development map. We want to provide a platform that makes it easier for developers to create applications and distribute them to millions of Ubuntu users.”

While Canonical might be pushing developers to publish applications on its app store, ultimately once an application has been ported, it should work on other Debian based Linux distributions with a few tweaks. There is no shortage of professional Linux applications, but if Canonical can show that firms could easily sell applications then there’s a good chance that the number of consumer applications and games will increase sharply, helping Linux make inroads into the desktop market.

Canonical has taken considerable flak for pushing its Unity user interface, which intends to make Ubuntu more touchscreen friendly. In order for Ubuntu to appear on such devices it needs a well populated apps store and, if Linux developers take a shine to Canonical’s pricing and apps review process, it might be the start of something good for the Linux community.

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