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Ultimate ADOM Alpha hits 0.2.0 milestone

ultimate adom game alpha hits 0.2.0 milestone on linux mac windows pc

Ultimate ADOM game Alpha hits 0.2.0 milestone for Linux, Mac and Windows PC for Free. Thanks to developer Team ADOM. Due to release later this on Steam. But the Demo just received a nice update.

Ultimate ADOM has reached a major milestone in the playable Alpha. Since this includes ranged combat (for players and monsters). There is also three new skill trees (slings, archery and crossbows). Each featuring up to 15 different talents and skills. Plus plenty more stability optimizations.

Download the new version of Ultimate ADOM. Available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC on

A new playable character in Ultimate ADOM

We also introduce Alynna, the high-elven archer. Alynna cares only about one thing, and that is shooting things, whether it is from stealth or in plain sight. Their arrows grow more deadly the more experience Alynna gets. Foe of minotaurs and kobolds alike, you can watch their adventures in our latest Let’s Play video.

Let’s Play Ultimate ADOM Alpha 5 (0.2.0)

From the very beginning, the dev’s include more than the traditional binary gender roles. And it was more happenstance than planning to release the first non-binary pregenerated character. Available during Pride Month, which gets support.


Setting the stage for crafting, introduces Ultimate ADOM Runes. These are powerful but rare little objects. You can find these in the depths of the dungeons. Which can upgrade and modify your current weapons. Giving you variety and strategy for your equipment.


While there is now 15 of the over 60 skill trees available. Alpha hits 0.2.0 milestone is impressive. But the developer have more mechanics incoming. There are also new levels, monsters, skills and spells left to be implemented.

Steam Wishlist

You can now add Ultimate ADOM to your wishlist on Steam. Then get notified of Early Access and release dates. It also helps the game gain visibility. So if you like what you’re seeing in the Alpha, please add.

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