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Ultimate Chicken Horse getsTransformative

ultimate chicken horse transformative update in linux mac windows games

Ultimate Chicken Horse announces the Transformative game update in Linux, Mac and Windows games. While developer Clever Endeavour Games adds more content. And yes, this is a pretty HUGE content update. Which will arrive on March 4th. Including a lot of puns.

So Ultimate Chicken Horse will receive the Transformidable Update. Because it is both transformative and formidable. This is what Clever Endeavour calls it.

Major Features:

Character reskins

It seemed a bit unfair that only Horse had an alternative look as Zebra. So the new friends below have also showed up! These exotic creatures will show up as outfit unlocks in the game. Which you will also get as you play Ultimate Chicken Horse local or online.

ultimate chicken horse transformative characters linux mac windows games


Your Party Box can now give you the brand new Jetpack or Jetpack Dispenser. So pick one up, and you’ll be flying through the course like a rocket. Just be careful of the hazards in the Transformative update. Which will also be playable on Linux, Mac and Windows.

So in case you thought Ultimate Chicken Horse wasn’t wacky enough. There now 20 modifiers to play with. With all these modifiers, you can also make crazy combos. Even make custom challenge levels using specific modifiers. Since you can create a level and save it online in Challenge Mode. All players will have to use those modifiers to try to beat your level.

Physics Modifiers

  • Gravity: Changing the laws of physics has never been this easy.
  • Jump Strength, Multi Jump, and Walljumps Off: Tweak the jump strength, give yourself double or triple-jumps, and turn off wall-jumps entirely to play like a certain childhood platforming plumber.
  • Player Collisions: You asked for it in Ultimate Chicken Horse! No really, the community has been asking for it forever. If screwing your friends over is your thing, this modifier is for you. It can also be helpful though in levels that might be impossible without a friend or two!
  • Move Speed and Game Speed: Play in slow-mo to practice those precision jumps, or play in hyper-speed and see if you can keep up!
  • Frictionless: This is what it would feel like if it was always -40°C.

Ultimate Chicken Horse Transformidable Update (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Weird and Fun Modifiers for Ultimate Chicken Horse

  • Post-Death Behaviours:
    • Ghost: Players come back as ghosts. And mess around with the level in the Transformative update. At least until others reach the afterlife
    • Zombie (shown to the left): Players come back as zombies with limited movement
    • Dead Hop: Players can hop around after they’ve met their fate, try it out to find out more!
  • Character Size (shown below): From “Way Tiny” to “Way Huge”!
  • Invisibility in Ultimate Chicken Horse
  • Dance Invincibility: Invincible when you dance, just like real life!
  • Jetpack Mode: Just like the item that you can pick up, but forever.

Block Effects

  • Moving Block Speed: For even crazier, better timed contraptions
  • A Projectile Rate of Fire: How fast can a crossbow shoot?
  • Plus Projectile Speed: How fast can an arrow fly?
  • Projectile Explosions in Ultimate Chicken Horse

Level Effects

  • Mirror Level: Flip the level about the horizontal or vertical axis
  • Doomsday Meteors: Flaming tennis ball meteors fall from the sky, hitting animals in their path!
  • Doomsday Lava: The floor is lava in Ultimate Chicken Horse. And it’s rising.

Ultimate Chicken Horse Respawns

So grant each player a number of lives. Which can be used to respawn either automatically. Or while holding the Retry button. These respawns can be on a per-round basis. Which will also be a delicious addition the the title.
Also per-match basis, which can lead to some deeper strategy. When players choose to use them. Or while you help give a handicap to Ultimate Chicken Horse players who are just learning.

Minor Features (if you can call these minor)

  • Ability to both rotate AND flip most blocks by pressing Sprint + Rotate when you are placing them. Many players have been asking for this for a long time, as it allows the creation of levels that are symmetrical, timed, and well-designed!
  • Paintbrush tool and adjustable Crumbling Block damage for level-building in Free Play
  • New Party Box options in the Game Rules: Disabled, Auto-Pick, and Double Party Box for more than 2 players
  • Random level platform in the Ultimate Chicken Horse Treehouse

So if you do not own Ultimate Chicken Horse. The title is available on Steam and Humble Store. Priced at $14.99. But also playable on Linux, Mac and Windows.

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