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Ultimate Racing 2D 2 speeds to victory

ultimate racing 2d 2 ultimate top-down racing game launches on linux mac windows pc

Ultimate Racing 2D 2 ultimate top-down racing game launches on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to Applimazing for their dedication and outstanding work. Available now on Steam with 96% Very Positive reviews.

Racing fans, both old and new, get ready for a thrilling game on the virtual track. If you’ve ever wanted to dive into the world of top-down racing, Ultimate Racing 2D 2 launches with a complete package. Due to keep you engaged for hours on Linux.

Starting with the basics, Ultimate Racing 2D 2 offers an array of 44 racing classes to choose from. That’s right, 44! Whether you’re into karts, open wheelers, or even monster trucks, there’s something here for every racer. The sheer variety ensures you’ll never run out of challenges or get bored with the same vehicles.

Variety isn’t just limited to cars; there are also over 100 tracks at your disposal. Each track comes with its own unique twists, turns, and challenges. Ultimate Racing 2D 2 is due to ensure that every race is different and demanding in its own right. Plus, you can put your design skills to the test with both car and track editors. Want to craft a track that mimics your neighborhood or design a vehicle inspired by your favorite superhero? The sky’s the limit!

Competitive fans will like the expansive Ultimate Racing 2D 2 online multiplayer mode. You can race against 19 other players in a massive online showdown. If you prefer a more intimate setting, gather your friends for a local multiplayer race. For those who cherish setting new records, the time trial mode will prove to be a test. Complete with leaderboards and ghost laps for added challenge.

Ultimate Racing 2D 2 Trailer

The Ultimate Racing 2D 2 career modes are where things get even better. With three distinct paths to choose from – Season, Event, and Coin mode. Here you can either climb the ranks season by season. While taking part in exclusive events, or collecting coins for rewards.

One of the big upgrades in this edition is the revamped career mode. Ultimate Racing 2D 2 brings a class tier system, enabling you to progress through different car classes, and car upgrades. Due to continually refine and boost your performance.

If you’ve ever wanted to be in control without actually being on the track. The new Manager mode might intrigue you. Here, you can make strategic choices and oversee race team operations. And ultimately work to be the best in the business.

The introduction of Ultimate Racing 2D 2 features like custom liveries, multi-class racing, and timed races adds layers of realism. Factor in the element of car damage and penalties, and you realize that every decision you make, matter. Right from overtaking to choosing between medium and intermediate tires, this becomes crucial.

Lastly, with the recharging power boost, every lap is a strategic puzzle. When to boost? When to conserve? It’s all about making smart choices on the fly.

In essence, Ultimate Racing 2D 2 is the ultimate top-down racing package for fans. The game launches with a myriad of features that cater to both beginners and seasoned racers. Available priced at $6.69 USD / £4.68 / 6,69€ with a 33% discount on Steam. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. But it’s also Steam Deck playable.

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