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Ultra Off-Road Simulator 2019 native port

ultra off-road simulator 2019 linux port in games

Ultra Off-Road Simulator 2019: Alaska is a realistic simulator coming to Windows and Mac, but we have a Linux confirmation. So we now have a real-life off-road experience and the first instalment of an upcoming series via Steam. This is also excellent news for Linux.

Linux port:

“Actually – no problem with that. We are making a Mac version anyway, which both with Linux are – UNIX operating systems. So making a Linux port is rather simple. If enough Linux user will come around and request Linux version – you’ll get Linux version :D”

Part of the reason, this seems to be such an easy port. The games development built in Unity 3D. At least according to Indiedb. Even there the games slated to make a Linux, Mac and Windows debut. But the news in the Steam Discussion is also a solid confirmation.

The games taking place one of the most extreme environments in the world, Alaska. Since there are no roads, no paths – only tracks of those who ventured before you. And while vehicles breakdown, fuel is limited and your supplies are scarce. Getting lost while you play is normal. So you need to tread your way through the environment carefully.
Also, player experience night driving, which limits your vision and sense of direction. And since vehicles get stuck in the mud, like in Spin Tires, you have the use of the vehicle winch to get out.
Still, crossing rivers and ponds is a gamble. Seeing you have to work through rain, snow, fog and a blizzard.

Ultra Off-Road Simulator 2019: Alaska Trailer (Windows, Mac and Linux)


There are no rules, no barriers, no ‘safe-zones’. This means you have you, a vehicle and the map. Facing the odds of the wild and uncharted Alaska. Man versus Nature, in all it’s glory and unrelenting force.

Be sure to add Ultra Off-Road Simulator 2019: Alaska to your Wishlist and show that Tux Love. The games coming Windows and Mac, as well as Linux. Here’s hoping we see a release on day-one.

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