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Undead are coming to Prison Architect

undead are coming to prison architect in new game content for linux mac windows pc

Undead are coming to Prison Architect in new game content for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Due to the madness that bestows both Double Eleven and Introversion Software. Getting ready to debut on Steam and GOG.

Paradox Interactive and Double Eleven today announced Undead. Due to be the eighth and spookiest expansion for Prison Architect. Undead introduces a new objective for players: survival. Undead rise from the grave and can infect anyone they bite. So that both inmates and guards band together to make it out alive. Which will launch on October 11th on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

Prison Architect: Undead – Reveal Trailer

The undead are a relentless bunch and can spread quickly through prison populations. Placing a Graveyard Quick Room adds a bit of spooky flair to your compound. But just be ready to deal with the Undead hordes it spawns. If you can’t manage the outbreak effectively, your prisoners become infected and increase the size of the horde. Whether you call in extra help from bounty hunters or make use of everything at your disposal as a weapon. Do whatever it takes to keep your inmates alive. Undead also introduces the “Undead Overlay” option in Settings. Which also lets players add a layer of darkness and suspense to the creepy content update.

Prison Architect Key Features (also available in “Escape Mode”):

  • Welcome the Graveyard
    This brand new Quick Room satisfies your inmates’ needs for Freedom and Comfort, making them feel calmer for 12 hours. Be mindful when you add gravestones though, as they will easily interrupt this peaceful atmosphere…
  • The rise of the dead
    In Undead, no one is safe. And there are many ways to become infected. One inmate can get sick, some others can be bitten by an unfriendly undead, or again a bunch of infected inmates can rise (aka spawn) directly from the Graveyard. Wardens have no power over the Infected units, they will move and act independently in the prison until stopped. Inmates and guards can try and fight them off, but if they fail, they will join the deadly bunch!
  • Who you gonna call? Bounty Hunters!
    When things go south (because they will) and your prison can’t hold off the outbreak, call the Bounty Hunter Emergency Service: tough, trained bounty hunters will join your fight against the undead.
  • New traps, techniques, and weapons
    Desperate times call for desperate (and creative) measures. Use Undead chum to lure the undead, build a walled-off area and lock them inside, or steal that glorious chainsaw you’ve been eyeing for a while: everything is allowed to fight off the horde.

Free Update:

Launching alongside the Undead expansion is The Kickstand. Which is a free update available to all players. This update brings a range of additions and improvements to the game. Two new dogs, Corgis, and Siberian Huskies, arrive for some cuddly fun. And also three quickrooms expand your prisons: Security, Kennel, and Parole. On top of this, cameras can now be locked and monitors can be made a priority for guards. Thanks to community feedback, there is also a new empty room that players can use to separate prisons into different sectors. Doing so without the need to wall them off.

Prison Architect: Undead launches in the land of the living on October 11th on Steam and GOG. The new game content is coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Due to be priced at $2.99 USD / 2.09 GBP / 2.99 EUR.