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Undead Horde raises the dead in March

undead horde raises the dead in march release date in linux mac windows games

Undead Horde has a March release date in Linux, Mac and Windows games. Thanks to multiplatform game developer and publisher 10tons. Who are eager to announce the March 6th release on Steam.

Undead Horde is a dream come true for many of us. As it combines elements from our favorite games. Like Diablo, Overlord, Pikmin and even the canceled Nekro. Which looked promising. Undead Horde is part action RPG. And part RTS which results in fun and fresh gameplay. After over a year in development. We’ve been super happy to see the game being picked up by streamers. During the last two weeks.”, said Sampo Töyssy, the lead developer of Undead Horde at 10tons.

Undead Horde takes place in a fantasy world. Since the living have driven the undead into exile. While the main hero Orcen the Necromancer is captive. Hiden in a magical urn by the paladins.
So the story starts as a cavalier chicken. Who accidentally breaks the urn and releases the prisoner. Since he is free, Orcen needs to raise the dead. So he can form his army. Taking back the world from the paladins and the living. So yes, Undead Horde really is a “necromancer simulator”.

Undead Horde Early Access Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

So the main hook of Undead Horde is the Necromancer. Since he can re-animate almost any dead creature. Therefore his army comes from multiple sources. Including the corpses in the battlefield. As well as graves and ultimately calling statues.
Also note, you have to unlock statues. Before they can be put to use. The only limiting factor is the command size of the Necromancer. The command scope can increase in various ways. Sorry, no spoilers.

In addition to necromancery in Undead Horde. The Necromancer can use various weapons and items. The items provide numerous options for boosting the minions. As well as the necromancer. Items are procedurally generated. So there is an endless amount of interesting items. And also combos that can be discovered.

Undead Horde is the development work of 10tons Ltd. Using their own game engine technology. Mainly aiming at Linux, Mac and Windows PC’s. Including current and next generation consoles. There are plans for mobile versions. They will be coming at a later date. But sadly Linux day-one for Early Access is not 100%.

Which is also available on Steam Early Access on March 6th 2019. Since we have the release date, the price iS TBD. But the games coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. So make sure to Wishlist on Steam.