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UnderMine action adventure release date

undermine action adventure early access release date for linux mac windows pc

UnderMine action adventure roguelike RPG has an Early Access release date for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the recent announcement from developer Thorium. The games coming to Steam next month.

UnderMine is a great roguelike action adventure with a mix of RPG. Since gameplay blends combat and dungeon crawling. While using elements from traditional roguelikes. Such as “The Binding of Isaac.” But using the progress of roguelites from “Rogue Legacy.” The Early Access release is also coming August 20th. The news announced via Twitter and on Steam.

Twitter Post:

We’re announcing today that UnderMine will be available for Steam Early Access on Aug 20th, 2019! UnderMine will be available on PC, Mac, and Linux. Sharpen that pickaxe and add it now to your Steam Wishlist.

UnderMine delivers a fresh new entry to the genre. Since you mine gold on each run. While increasing the peasant’s power by finding powerful relics. And also rescuing NPC’s, then return them to the hub. Where they will open up shop and offer powerful upgrades. While they help to prepare you for future runs. So you can go deeper and explore each new area. Discovering its many secrets and ultimately defeat its powerful boss.

UnderMine Gameplay Footage (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

In UnderMine you will discover relics. Including potions, prayers and blessings. And even curses to forge that perfect run. Watch as items pop off and combo with one another. While making you a god peasant of carnage.


  • Fully procedural dungeons that also change constantly
  • Powerful relics that grant special abilities. And also augment the way you play the game
  • Powerful and challenging boss encounters of UnderMine
  • Emergent environmental effects and items. They interact with one another in surprising ways
  • Permanent character upgrades that improve combat skill. While opening up new areas to explore
  • Distinct zones with new settings and characters. Also new enemies and hazards
  • Beautiful pixel art and original sound and music by Sono Sanctus

UnderMine action adventure roguelike has a August 20th release date. Coming to Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. For now, you can Wishlist the game on Steam.

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