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UnderMine version 1.0 due to release in August

undermine version 1.0 due to release in august on linux mac windows pc

UnderMine action adventure roguelike version 1.0 due to release in August for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Thorium Entertainment. Currently available on Steam Early Access with a discount.

UnderMine the action adventure roguelike is brimming with secrets. Due to digs up version 1.0 on August 6th for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. The games also enjoyed by nearly 120,000 players during Steam Early Access.

Version 1.0 introduces a new final boss encounter with a cinematic ending. So expect post-credits story content and additional scenarios. Plus new items, enemies, challenges, and, of course, secrets. The full game arrives after nearly a year in Early Access. While spanning five major content updates. These added new levels, bosses, the “Othermine” true roguelike mode, and more.

So grab a pickaxe and delve into a mysterious mine where danger and riches await. Explore a hostile environment deep within the earth. As a lowly peasant seeking freedom and fortune in UnderMine. Press further into the cavernous depths until that worker meets an untimely end. Then send in the next poor sod. Who will pick up their predecessor’s gear and hope a better fate.

Make the best of each peasant’s lot in life. Using whatever’s on hand to aid in their subterranean travels. So you can discover powerful relics, potions, gold, and more. Maybe someone, someday, might use to forge the perfect UnderMine run. Along the way, miners will be forced to make tough decisions. Since they may have to pinch pennies or spend their savings. Going all-in to purchase a key item or upgrade.

UnderMine – Release Trailer

Bomb walls and blow up rocks to uncover hidden passages, loot, and new allies. All buried within the mine while fending off the creatures that call its tunnels home. Then, at the end of each level, square off with massive, room-filling bosses. Which also require strategy and skill to slay.

“We’re almost there!” said Derek Johnson, Founder, Thorium Entertainment. “We’ve spent years toiling away in the mines and we’re finally nearing the end of this run. Whether you’ve been with us the whole way or are just joining this journey. We look forward to showing you what lies at the end of the tunnel. When UnderMine hits Xbox One, PC, and Game Pass this August.”

UnderMine due to release in August, to be more specific, the 6th. Priced at $19.99 USD on Linux, mac and Windows PC. It is currently available via Steam Early Access for $14.99 USD. Plus a 25% discount until July 9th. UnderMine supports English, French, German, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian language options.

For more information, please visit UnderMine’s official website. Check out the game on Twitter and Instagram. Join the official Discord server, and follow Thorium on YouTube and Twitch.

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