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Underspace sandbox RPG aims at Linux

underspace lovecraftian sandbox spacefighter rpg game coming to linux with windows pc plus a demo

Underspace Lovecraftian, sandbox spacefighter RPG game is due to get a native build on Linux with Windows PC, plus a Demo. Thanks to the skilled team at Pastaspace Interactive for this impressive adventure. Due to make its way onto Steam Early Access soon.

So, there is something unique that’s just around the corner – a new adventure in the realm of space and stars. This isn’t just any ordinary journey; it’s called Underspace, crafted by the solo developer behind those quirky Thomas the Tank Engine mods in Starfield and Skyrim. That’s Trainwiz for you! He’s also just announced that this epic sandbox spacefighter RPG is hitting Early Access on April 10, 2024. And the best part, native Linux support is due to be in the mix.

There are indeed plans for Linux support…

Exciting news from Camlann Games, the publisher behind Underspace. They’re keen to let us know about the native support in the works. While they haven’t locked in a native build for Early Access just yet, there’s a strong possibility that the full version 1.0 will launch with Linux support. And they’re using Unity 3D for game development, which is fantastic news for Proton 7.0-6 support – the Demo is performing brilliantly.

Underspace will have you dive into a universe where every star system is a unique creation. Each sector is a treasure trove waiting to be explored. This isn’t your typical space story. You’re stepping into the boots of Kardoz, a once-mighty noble now living on the edge as a starchaser. It’s a wild galaxy out there, teeming with pirates, cultists, and all sorts of cosmic dangers.

Underspace Early Access Release Date Announcement Trailer

You’re in the driver’s seat of this story. Whether you’re facing monstrous beasts, allying with cunning pirates, or unearthing secrets of ancient star cities, your actions shape your path in this Lovecraftian space odyssey. Underspace has a galaxy full of storms and secrets at your fingertips, how you make your mark is entirely up to you.

Feeling a bit lonely out in the vastness of space? No worries! You can create your own squad with NPCs from across the galaxy, each with their own stories and missions. Plus, there’s multiplayer on the horizon (online PvP and online co-op), so you’ll have plenty of company on the Underspace interstellar journey.

For those curious about the details, here’s what you can expect: Dive into 70 handcrafted star systems, tackle over 20 unique bosses, and indulge in some dynamic dogfighting that rewards skill and bold moves. Customization? Absolutely. With over 60 ships and 150 pieces of equipment, you’re due to face whatever challenges come your way.

Try the Demo with Proton 7.0-6 and see for yourself. It runs well for an Alpha build, and offers insight into Early Access. Where is it due to remain for about a year.

And for the storytellers among us, over 40 factions and 30 sidequests await, promising a tapestry of tales and encounters. Plus, with planned mod and multiplayer support, your adventure in Underspace is just the beginning.
The sandbox spacefighter RPG game is coming to Linux and Windows PC. Available on both Steam Early Access and GOG on April 10, 2024.

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