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UNDYING survival story has Verified release

undying zombie survival story game has a new release date is verified for steam deck and linux via windows pc

UNDYING zombie survival story game has a new release date is Verified for Steam Deck and Linux via Windows PC. Thanks to the awesome team at Vanimals. Currently available via Steam Early Access with Positive reviews.

UNDYING, initially teased in Early Access back in 2021, is gearing up for its release. If you’ve been eagerly waiting, there’s a small update: the release date has shifted to December 7th, 2023. The shift is largely due to the developers wanting to ensure they release it at a time when it can truly shine. Instead of being overshadowed by other big games on Steam Deck and Linux.

Why should you be excited?

Engrossing Story of UNDYING:

Dive into a compelling tale of Anling and Cody, a mother and son duo, due to stay alive in a world overrun by the undead. The story tugs at the heartstrings, portraying the lengths the family will go. All due to protect each other in the face of overwhelming odds.

Challenging Survival Aspects of UNDYING:

    • Zombie Threats: The world is crawling with zombies. They come in groups, testing your strategies and readiness.
    • Setting Hazards: It’s not just the undead you should be wary of in UNDYING. Toxic fogs and chilling rains add layers of depth to your survival journey.
    • Resource Hunt: Resources are scarce. You’ll need to scavenge and craft essential items to ensure your survival.

UNDYING Full Launch Trailer

Engaging Combat Mechanics:

  • Stealth Mode: Avoiding detection is crucial. Move in the shadows and use stealth attacks to outwit the zombies.
  • Defensive Techniques: The dagger proves to be an essential tool for close encounters.
  • Customizable Weapons: Tailor weapons to your liking, making them more effective against threats.
  • Cody’s Combat Skills: Over time, Cody becomes more capable, helping you tackle the undead threats.
  • Diverse Weaponry: Choose from ranged tools in UNDYING, for distance attacks or opt for melee weapons for close combat.

Deep Emotional Connection:

The relationship between Anling and Cody also forms the heart of this game. Witness Cody’s growth through his skill progress. All while you make impactful choices regarding Anling’s well-being and ultimate destiny. Their interactions provide warmth and depth, making the narrative even more engaging.

Interactive Mini-activities:

Apart from the main UNDYING story, there are also interactive zones linked to Cody’s imagination. They’re packed with hidden gems. There’s also a card challenge named “Face Up Face Down” and some classic arcade titles that offer a break from the intense survival scenarios.

Additional Features:

You’re not just limited to the main story. So delve into side quests, uncover hidden dungeons, and engage in special events that give a broader side of the world. Plus, there’s a world map that showcases the expansive world you’re in. And if you ever feel like giving Anling and Cody a fresh look, you can choose from multiple options.

UNDYING already promises a mix of gripping and intense  zombie survival story. While offering engaging combat mechanics. With the new release date, the developers aim to further polish and enhance the overall experience. While the wait might be a tad longer, it’s shaping up to be well worth it.
The zombie survival story is available now on Steam Early Access. Also priced at $19.99 USD/ £15.49 / 16,79€. Along with being Verified on Steam Deck with Linux, via Windows PC.

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