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Union: Contracts/Heartland update – EVERSPACE 2

union: contracts/heartland update out now for everspace 2 offering linux support via proton and windows pc

Union: Contracts/Heartland update out now for EVERSPACE 2 for Windows PC, offering Linux support via Proton. Now thanks to indie developer and publisher ROCKFISH Games. A major content update is available on Steam and GOG.

EVERSPACE 2 receives the first major content update, Union: Contracts/Heartland. The high rated open world space action RPG EVERSPACE 2 is now live on Steam and GOG. Steam being the better choice since Linux players can use Proton to play the space game. While enthusiasts can look forward to a new companion, additional main, and side story missions. Also introducing all new smuggling gameplay. As well as a new ship class, activities, challenges, improved game balancing, special gear with set bonuses, and more.
Linux pilots need to steer clear of the fire fight while hauling an explosive payload during a smuggling mission. The volatile cargo is dangerous, but it pays top rates. To stabilize hazardous goods between Supralight jumps, quick pit stops at Stabilizer Beacons. This should also cool things down.

The biggest part of this update is the three main and three side missions. As well as several additional side activities. Most taking place in the second star system, Union. As part of the Union: Contracts/Heartland missions, players will be introduced to new smuggling gameplay by Elek. This is the rogue Outlaw from EVERSPACE: Encounters. Now joining the party as a new companion after being rescued.

The update also brings four new music tracks to Union. Three battle themes and an additional chill synth wave beat for Supralight travel and more.

The new Bomber:

Likewise, Early Access players will now be able to jump in the cockpit of the new heavy class Bomber. This is in the Union: Contracts/Heartlanda update, a bulky demolition craft with a virtually unlimited supply of missiles and mines. Plus the ability to regenerate hull by damaging enemies. While coming with the infamous ARC-9000 on board. This much loved secondary weapon has mass destruction from the first EVERSPACE installment. As a result, now it’s making a comeback as the Bomber’s explosive Ultimate.

EVERSPACE 2 Update: Union: Contracts/Heartland Narration Gameplay Trailer

EVERSPACE 2 had a fantastic launch with 92% positive reviews right out of the gate back in January. Pilots were really excited, burned through the content, and demanded more. A good problem to have,” said Michael Schade, CEO, and Co-Founder of ROCKFISH Games. “Going into Early Access, we had eight to twelve hours of story content. And twice as many side activities, secrets, and challenges to discover. As well as five ship classes. With Union: Contracts/Heartland we’re adding new, carefully scripted, story content. Introducing all new gameplay mechanics, a new ship class that brings a unique playstyle to the game as well as lots of hidden treasures in Union. We also made a ton of tweaks and quality of life improvements overall. So we encourage pilots to start a new game to get the full new experience. But they can also just hop in and continue with their existing saves.”

Union: Contracts/Heartland is set to be followed by EVERSPACE 2’s second major update this summer. Currently titled Zharkov: the Vortex. While the next update will bring another companion, new enemy types, new creatures, and space phenomena. As well as additional main and side missions, activities, and more.

April update details:

For more details on the April Union: Contracts/Heartland update as well as a full changelog. Visit the latest EVERSPACE 2 Kickstarter post. Find out more about Elek, the new Bomber, and the new boss fight in the previous Kickstarter Update.

A high resolution image of the EVERSPACE 2 2021 roadmap can be downloaded here.

Every Friday, the EVERSPACE 2 team shows off content. Including their latest Union: Contracts/Heartland dev build on the ROCKFISH Games Twitch and YouTube channel. Starting at 8 pm to 10 pm CEST / 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm EST / 11:00 am to 1:00 pm PST.

EVERSPACE 2 available on Steam and GOG. Priced at $39.99 USD for Windows PC, but playable on Linux via Proton. At least until the full release in 2022.

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