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Unity 3D Engine – Taking the Pain Out of Cross Platform Game Development


While we were spending some time at the Samsung Mobile booth, Rob and I ran into “the Unity guy” who gave us a quick demo on the power of Unity 3D engine. Joe Robbins showed us how easy it is to build a cross platform game using the Unity engine and painlessly output that game into a working Android, iOS, Xbox or PS3 game.

The game demo (Angry Bots) was being edited in real-time on a computer where those modifications were then immediately playable on the game demo running on the Samsung Galaxy Tab. All it took was one-click to then output the game onto other platforms. It was pretty cool to see everything in action and even though I know next to nothing on game development, the Unity platform made it all seem so easy. It’s no wonder some of Android and iOS’s upcoming blockbusters like Shadowgun and Bladeslinger are all being built with the Unity engine.