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Unity short film shows off the game engine’s capability

The Unity game engine has been somewhat down-played for its #graphical #power.

However, a new short film, Adam, has been rendered in #realtime using Unity that may change a few perceptions.

The short’s “Part 1” section is available now to watch online – check it out below. Which tells the story of a humanoid robot awakening for the first time in a Matrix-like pod before being put to work.

Unity has been a widely-favoured solutions among indie developers, both for its ease of use and cross-platform support. Marking an estimated 70% or more, of all the Linux games on Steam. The engine is also very flexible, used for all manner of game genres and graphical styles.

2016 titles using the engine include the fantastic story-lead adventure Firewatch, SUPERHOT, We Are The Dwarves, as well as the upcoming 3D platformer Yooka-Laylee and a heap of others.

Last year it was used in everything from Sword Coast Legends to Ori and the Blind Forest (Windows only sadly), and from Grow Home to Pillars of Eternity.

Unity may seem to struggle to match the mighty game engines designed in-house by big AAA developers (Ubisoft has Snowdrop and Anvil, EA has Frostbite), while Epic’s Unreal Engine or Crytek’s CryEngine have been coming up stronger in the Linux gaming scene.
Yet this new short showcases Unity quite nicely. A game engine that continues to play well within the Linux community, holding strong quality and frame-rate.