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Unitystation free to play games release date

Unitystation free to play games release date for linux mac windows on steam

Unitystation has endeavored to ensure a Linux, Mac and Windows for the games release date. While SS13 itself has a long and prosperous future outside of Byond. The games coming to Steam Early Access on February 9th, 2018.

So Space Station 13 is the greatest clown simulator ever, right? Therefore, if you have ever played SS13 before you can agree that BYOND sucks. So this is where Unitystation comes in.

The games beginning started in November 2016. Here Unitystation Development Group has endeavored to ensure Space Station 13 has a long and prosperous future. Since this is outside of Byond, this means cloning the TG source to Unity 3D.

The games also coming with a fully working .net framework. A dedicated server and custom unity-developer tools.
Also including inventory and basic interactions. All the items and clothes from the TG branch. All of the weapons and damage too. Which includes both Online Multiplayer and Cross-Platform Multiplayer.

UnityStation Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Unitystation as a project has a growing and dedicated community. So there definitive contributors who are eager to see this game become a reality. Best of all it is all open source and available via GitHub.

Since the journey to Version 1.0 is still a long one. This is where patreon comes in.
So this way fundraising will be put into place, hence ‘Bounties’ on each TO-DO ticket. This will also provide an incentive for contributors to complete work. A lot sooner then what would typically occur.
Unitystation Development Group call this the Nanotrasen Bounty System. Since code submission for each ticket will get a peer review. This takes place before the bounty is awarded.

So on top of these details, patrons will have a say in the development of Unitystation. While larger donors having more power. Having the NBS system means Unitystation can achieve version 1.0. Hopefully at lightning speed. While rewarding those who take the time to contribute.

Unitystation, the games release date:

So that being said, development will hold a different model. Especially since this is a free to play game on Steam. The release date for Linux, Mac and Windows will be February 9th. Also, there is also a playable build available now.

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