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UniverCity management brings source code

univercity management game brings source code for linux and windows pc

UniverCity isometric management game release on Linux and Windows PC with source code. Thanks to developer Matthew Collins. Now available with a full release on Steam with a discount.

UniverCity is an isometric university management game. Since you will have to manage your staff and professors. And also the students as you work to build the best UniverCity around. And gameplay lets you build either solo or against friends. Building as many different types of classes as you can imagine. All while trying to ensure students get good grades. Or maybe just try and construct the best looking UniverCity. Really it’s up to you.

UniverCity Gameplay


  • Design your UniverCity your way.
  • Constant development. The game is still in development with updates releasing frequently
  • Build against your friends. Multiplayer support is still in its early days but you can already
  • start up a server and play on the same map as your friends.
  • In development campaign mode

To go along with the UniverCity release. The source code is also available on Github.

The license is GPL-3 and the code is the same as the version released on Steam. So that the Steam version is using the ‘steam’ feature enabled. Due to the GPL licensing the steamworks support. Which is disabled by default. Since it breaks things like the ‘modding’ menu and multiplayer. Also due note, the assets are not included with the release. So this means if you want to get into developing the game. You will have to be copy the assets from the game on Steam.

The UniverCity workshop support is very basic currently. A ‘modding’ menu item will be available. So you can upload mods if a folder other than ‘base’ exists in the assets folder. Subscribed mods should be available when launching the game.

Therefore, if you are looking to venture into development. Take up using Open Source tools. Be sure to check out the Steam release. Which is currently available with a 15% discount until February 8th. With builds for Linux and Windows PC.

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