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UniverseV: Star Domination coming to Linux

universev: star domination sci-fi strategy game coming to linux and windows pc

UniverseV: Star Domination sci-fi strategy game coming to Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative work and effort of Ultimate Universe Studio. Working to make its way onto Steam this week.

UniverseV: Star Domination will have you conquer the galaxy. Due to defeat the mysterious elder race in this amazing 2D turn-based strategy game. To do this, you will have to build your own fleets. All while using different ships equipped with modules of your choice. Your conquest will be supported by special game cards different for each race. These game cards can dramatically change the situation on the battlefield.

Ultimate Universe Studio wanted to create something unique for strategy game fans. The very first idea was born a long time ago and finally, it evolved into a full game. Deciding to use Unity Engine because it is the best engine for simple 2D games. Plus without the external financial for UniverseV: Star Domination. This means having to spread the costs very carefully.

UniverseV: Star Domination Trailer

UniverseV: Star Domination is the first game. As a result, the developer is the only programmer / designer / project manager. Also a personal project in development for more than 3 years. Doing so after hours, at the same time working as a programmer in a game dev company. Of course in the last months, after 75% completion, these are the hardest.

As for the Linux port, it’s almost done. There are just a few more tests and due to be released shortly after the Windows PC release. Which looking “very promising”.

You will be able to play 5 different regular races, and 2 extra races. Each UniverseV: Star Domination race has its own ships and modules for those ships. Including cards that really can be game-changers. You will have to fight in 6 completely different arenas. Since each arena has its own unique abilities that can greatly change your strategy during the battle.

  • 1 player campaign mode
  • 4 local players skirmish mode

UniverseV: Star Domination sci-fi strategy game is coming to Linux and Windows PC. Due to release on September 9th via Steam.

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