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The Universim coming soon to Early Access

the universim coming soon to early access linux windows games

The Universim is coming to Steam Early Access for Linux and Windows. Developer Crytivo has been working on the game since June 2014. While this might seem like a long time. The Universim is a complex game as it is right now. Given the sheer scope and complexity of the project.

So Crytivo is please to be announcing The Universim release on Steam Early Access. The game will be coming this summer. The exact date will be revealed in a few weeks.

We reached out to Crytivo for more specific details for the release date.

“Currently we do not have a set date. However expect an announcement regarding it most likely by the end of the month if not sooner.”

Crytivo are straight forward and gameplay is already in a very playable state. Also, the develper is asking the Linux community to share the love and add The Universim to your Steam Wishlist. The community support is a big part of the project. And since a few of use are playing the native release already. Yes, we at LGC have been playing The Universim via Steam a while now. We are eager to share the good news.

The Universim Huff and Puff Linux gameplay with mfoxdogg

Wild animal attacks! Nuggets might’ve gotten away with hunting creatures unscathed in the past. But that’s all about to change. So if an animal decides that it stands a chance in a fight. It won’t run in the direction that your Hunters might be expecting. Roaming wolves may also attack your village during the cold winter months. However, we are not so cruel as to allow these attacks to go unanswered. You can now construct Defense Towers around the perimeter of your civilization. These will ensure that no beast can harm your Nuggets.

the universim key binding in linux and windows games

HUFF AND PUFF new content (Linux, Windows):

  • Key Bindings Screen added to Settings – now you can set your own key shortcuts
  • Defense Towers
  • Defense Towers interface panel
  • Medieval Residential Block props, models
  • Mammoth Trap is now available in Hunters Hut
  • Residential Blocks
  • Implemented animal attack event.
  • Implemented Evolution Tower auto-upgrade (Medieval Era)
  • Added crossbow accessory (+ arrow)

How to get The Universim ahead of the Early Access release:

Also, you can pre-order The Universim via the official website. This will get you into the current build via Steam. So check it out the patch notes.

the universim medieval houses in linux and windows games

the universim tower defense in linux and windows games

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  • Translator5
    Apr 10, 2018 3:50 pm

    Looks fantastic – kind of remembers me of Spore

  • Todd B.
    Apr 10, 2018 5:02 pm

    Sort of. I have Spore but never put much time into it. The Universim has come along quite well and definitely an impressive game. Considering the scope of it.