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Unknown Horizons sim developers seek support

unknown horizons sim developers seek linux games support

Unknown Horizons is an open source real-time economy sim game for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games completely free. Including strategy elements in an isometric 2D engine. While development uses the Flexible Isometric Free Engine (or in short: FIFE). The project is hoping to port the game to Godot Engine.

While developer is working closely with the FIFE developers to integrate new features. They also want to switch to the Godot Engine. So they are looking for some developer support. After all, they are trying to create a game in their free time, you know, for fun.

Unknown Horizons Developers Seek Support:

Should you be up to getting involved via the official website. You you can lend help, support and ideas. Since the they are looking to port the game to the Godot Engine. If you can manage development support, chances are you can get your name in the credits. I’d say, getting your name lights, but that depends on the port.

Unknown Horizons start you off in archipelago With nothing but a single ship. Also a handful of resources, with enough to get you started on a basic settlement. Then the first sailors will settle down in your city hoping to make living.

All of the occupants will all different on their way to becoming a wealthy tradesmen. At each change there will be new demands and desires from the people. So you have to take care about their needs. Including taxes, all of which are a part of the success in Unknown Horizons. Then as the settlement grows bigger, you decide on peace or mayhem. It’s up to you.

Unknown Horizons sim gameplay on Linux


  • Urban development Build a blooming metropolis from scratch with residential areas, industrial estates, service trade and lots of sights.
  • Commodities managment Organize your resources to feed, extend and defend your growing city.
  • Diplomacy Deal with other players to schedule conditions of trade agreements and non-aggression pacts.
  • Trade Exchange stock with other players, free traders and local settlements to ensure your stores can keep reserves for worse times.
  • Strategy Painfully trouble your enemies with strategic pinpricks and take advantage of all their little mistakes to solidify your position.
  • Exploration Find new islands, trade routes and resource deposits to raise your city’s wealth and extend your reach.

So if you have the developer capabilities, you can get involved in the Unknown Horizons sim. But you can also play the game, since it’s Free for Linux, Mac and Windows.

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