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Unleashed dark 2D RPG releases October 17th

unleashed dark 2d rpg releases October 17th for linux and windows

Unleashed is a dark 2D RPG with sandbox elements releases on Linux and Windows via Steam. Since the developers will be releasing with day-one support on October 17th. We reached out to the studio with a confirmation.

Linux Support:

Unleashed will Indeed be available day-one for both Linux and Windows.

Release date should be around October 17th.”

So there you have it, day-one support for both Linux and Windows releases. And I’m looking forward to the launch. Sadly there is no Steam page yet.

Unleashed takes place in Mystria, a magical world. The main theme is “Sins and Virtues”. So this comes forth as a powerful curse, which unleashes people’s primordial sin or virtue. While the main effect is that people arenot able to hide their dark impulses anymore. This leads the world into some form of chaos.

Also the curse affects the soul deeply, breaking it into ten parts. While each of those parts can represent either a sin or a virtue. One that is able to manifest itself into the physical world via entities called Achivaras.
By dying, the soul’s parts are permanently summoned as Achivaras, unleashed in the wilderness.

So this story is about Mercy, a young woman spared by the curse. Who is looking for her mother.

Unleashed RPG Trailer (Linux and Windows)


  • Use your soul’s parts to summon up to 10 creatures called Achivaras; each one either represents a sin or a virtue!
  • Semi turn-based battles: summon up to 3 Achivaras at a time in strategic 3v3 battles
  • Open world: explore the open world without any limitation, even at the beginning of the game
  • Farming: every map has randomly spawning resources, and almost every item can be cut down, mined, or grabbed
  • Crafting: collect and buy materials for use in crafting other items, which you can use or sell
  • Housing: repair houses in any of the 10 cities to make it your own! You’ll be able to customize your home and place useful items in it
  • Unique theme: replace traditional types (fire, ice, wind…) by sins and virtues

Unleashed 2D RPG will be available on Steam priced at $9.99 USD / 9.99€. And a Linux and Windows day-one release.

Some further details are also available on the official website, as well as Twitter and Facebook.

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