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Unleashed: sins and virtues RPG gets Funded

unleashed sins and virtues RPG gets funded on kickstarter for windows and linux

Unleashed is traditionnal RPG with modern graphics and game features, now funded on Kickstarter. The games crowdfunding campaign has passed it’s $12,307 USD goal. Which means the team is working on the stretch goals and currently 101% funded.

“Thanks to all of you, we’ve been able to reach our goal 3 days before the end of the campaign!

We’ve added a new Stretch goals section at the top of our project’s page, be sure to check it out! Here is what we’ve planned so far.”

Stretch goals:

unleashed sins and virtues rpg linux windows kickstarter stetch goals

“What if we told you there could be some hardcore challenge that you could do repeatedly to test your team? That’s the nightmare tower’s purpose. When you’ll have finished the story, this huge tower will rise from the ground, in the dead forest. You’ll be able to meet incredibly powerful Achivaras, and you’ll have to defeat haunted souls of the Devoted you defeated during your journey. How far could you go before being defeated? Let’s reach 110% to discover it!.”

So Unleashed is for players that grew with games such as the Pokemon series. Since the game style they know applies to a darker and original story.

While traditional RPG features such as turn based battles, exploration and inventory management are key. Building a strong base, and popular features were later added. Such as farming, crafting and even housing. Battles are team oriented, which allows building complex strategies to defeat strong enemies.

Free Demo:

To get the Linux version, click here.

To download the demo for Windows, click here.

The Unleashed story focuses on a powerful curse. One which is cast across Mystria. It changes people, who became the expression of their primordial sin. Hiding their darkest impulses wasn’t possible anymore and their burning desire was the only thing guiding them. The curse affected their soul deeply, breaking it into ten parts. Each of those parts could represent either a sin or a virtue, able to manifest itself into the physical world via entities called Achivaras.

Unleashed RPG Official trailer (Linux, Windows)

Kickstarter Funded:

Unleashed is the creation of a group of volunteers. The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign goal is to build a company after the release of the game. Which is in late summer 2018. Since the project is now hit it’s goal. This means we can expect a Linux and Windows release indeed. While further stretch goals only have a couple of days to see funding.

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