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Unleashed a traditional RPG games Kickstarter

unleashed a traditional rpg games kickstarter for windows and linux

Unleashed is a dark 2D RPG on Kickstarter that features sandbox elements for Window and likely Linux. The games set in Mystria, a magical world. Which includes modern graphics and popular game features of the traditional RPG. Currently running a crowdfunding campaign that is 30% funded, with a pledge goal of $12,407 USD.

Linux support:

“We have something planned for Linux, but the builds we’ve tested so far are running slowly on the VM. Thus we won’t announce it officially until more work has been done to see if it can run correctly.”

So this statement comes directly from the campaigns FAQ. Which is inteesting to know that developer Florent Goumot-Labesse is looking into Linux support. But using a VM may not render the same results of a native installation using GameMaker: Studio. We emailed Florent Goumot-Labesse with confirmation, “you can indeed expect a Linux port“.

For players that grew with games such as the Pokemon series. They will love to see the game style they know, applied to a darker and original story.
Since traditional RPG’s feature turn based battles, exploration and inventory management. They all keep this strong base.
Following this, popular features were such as farming, crafting and even housing were part of gameplay. So now, the battles are team oriented, which allows building complex strategies to defeat strong ennemies. Which has a similar gaming style to that of Slay the Spire and Darkest Dungeon. With facing combat, even though gameplay elements are vastly different.

Unleashed RPG Kickstarter trailer (Windows, and likely Linux)

A powerful curse has been cast across Mystria. It changed people, who became the expression of their primordial sin. Hiding their darkest impulses wasn’t possible anymore and their burning desire was the only thing guiding them. The curse affected their soul deeply, breaking it into ten parts. Each of those parts could represent either a sin or a virtue, able to manifest itself into the physical world via entities called Achivaras.

An accent has been put on the world’s richness. Never explore an empty world again: Mystria is full of resources to harvest and random encounters to make. Also secrets that are waiting to be discovered. Every time you explore a map, random elements will either spawn or not, which may open unknown paths. There is no level scaling in the game. So each of the 300 maps are open for exploration right from the beginning. But explore the world at your own risks!

During fights, one’s soul can hold up to 10 Achivaras. So this means only 3 can be summoned at a time. And strategies should be setup thoroughly in order to win against strong opponents. Actions, which can be either of a sin or a virtue type. Since each hase different properties and can part of combination with other actions.
So if you don’t have any surviving Achivara anymore, the fight isn’t over. In Unleashed, you have to fight yourself for your survival.

Crowdfunding campaign games:

Unleashed has been made by a group of volunteers. Who’s goal it is to build a company after the release of the game, in late summer 2018. The first step to reach this goal is to successfully fund a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

More information about the game can be found on the official website.

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