Unmechanical: Extended Edition makes a Linux and Mac debut with a 60% discount


#TalawaGames and Teotl Studios are proud to bring you Unmechanical: Extended to GOG(60% release sale) & Steam and adds Linux & Mac support today!

Unmechanical: Extended is an improved version of Talawa Games’ and Teotl Studios’ indie hit “Unmechanical”, which now comes to Linux and Mac in an extended edition that brings an exclusive #newstory #campaign to play alongside the award-winning original experience.

Unmechanical tells a story of a little robot that has been kidnapped from his home into a strange underground complex and has to find his way out. While navigating the gorgeous, non-linear environments, the player will encounter numerous clever puzzles to solve and mysteries to unravel. Numerous times it has been compared to Limbo, Braid, Oddworld, Machinarium and Portal with its brilliant yet subtle story telling.

It may have originally been released in 2012, but it’s still one of the best looking indie games out there. That, and the numerous awards for visual design, are a testament to its beauty. Unmechanical is a mind-bending game of puzzles, exploration and mysterious ambiance. You’re a rotor-clad robot on a mission to turn all the cogs, pull all the levers, and balance the right scales across mazes of caves, pipes, and other twisty things.

Unmechanical Extended Edition adds a whole new chunk of gameplay – an alternative story of two little robots swallowed up by the darkness that lurks beneath their cities. After being separated in the caves and mazes, the only question that remains is whether you’ll save your little friend, or will he save you?

The Extended Edition of Unmechanical is a free upgrade for everyone who already owns the game.

Challenge your programming in Unmechanical Extended Edition, now available DRM-free on GOG.com with the 60% discount – $3.99. The launch discount will last until November 26.


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