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Unrailed! train track co-op has a Tournament

unrailed! co-op railroad construction adventure game has a tournament for linux mac windows pc players

Unrailed! co-op railroad construction adventure game has a Tournament for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC players. Indoor Astronaut is the mastermind behind this absolutely captivating creation. Available on both Steam and Humble Store.

Daedalic Entertainment and Indoor Astronaut are hosting a massive tournament for Unrailed!, their co-op railroad construction adventure. Want to dive in and test your skills? It’s all happening on July 29th and 30th between 4:00AM – 7:00AM UTC. Organized by the well-known @Sim17 from Discord.

Entering this chaotic festivity is a breeze. All you need to enter the tournament is a copy of Unrailed!, an active Discord account, and a friend you can rely on. But hey, don’t sweat it if you can’t find a partner. If you think you’ve got what it takes, you can fly solo and team up with the inbuilt robot companion. Since there’s no requirement for streaming or any complicated setup, just hop in and enjoy.
However, if you’re keen on sharing your high-octane exploits, feel free to stream it, but remember to hide the session ID of the game lobby.

Unrailed! is the ultimate friendship test. The premise is simple yet thrilling: you work together with up to three other players. Doing so with either your friends next to you on the couch or across the globe online. Due to guide your train safely through a treacherous, ever-changing terrain. Each route is full of obstacles and pesky wildlife that you’ll have to overcome.

Unrailed! Release Trailer

You’ll certainly need to communicate and cooperate, ensuring you have the resources to lay new tracks, and prevent your train from overheating in Unrailed!. Also fight off those pesky critters. The better you are at quick thinking and strategic planning, the less likely your train will run off the rails. The challenge? To create the longest track in existence.

What makes Unrailed! special? It’s a heart-pounding, railroad construction adventure. Whether you’re huddled on a couch or joining in online, the excitement is the same. Each world you encounter is uniquely generated, offering different difficulty levels to keep you on your toes. Plus, there’s a dynamic weather system and day-night cycle that keeps things interesting.

Each Unrailed! setting, or biome, has its own distinct features and tests. You can customize your train with over ten different upgradable wagons in Endless mode, adding another layer of strategy. There are unlockable characters to keep things fresh and a replay system so you can relive your greatest achievements.

Controls are simple, and the visual design is pleasingly blocky, which only adds to the charm of Unrailed!. In a nutshell, this adventurous rollercoaster ride for Linux provides a unique and addictive experience. So be sure to jump into the event and test your skills. The game is available on Steam priced at $4.99 USD / £4.24 / 4,99€ with the 75% discount. Regular price on Humble Store. Along with support for Linux, Steam Deck, Mac, and Windows PC.

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