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Unreal Engine 4.9 releases with updates for Linux, Android, Mac and Windows PC


The latest version of Unreal Engine 4.9 has been released with a number of new #features and fixes. #EpicGames recently announced the availability of update for the #gameengine. Besides Linux improvements, this new version of Unreal Engine 4.9 game engine has also been introduced to Mac and Windows.

According to the latest reports, the latest version of Unreal Engine 4 now comes with proficient dynamic shadows, enhances in-app purchase functionality, movable decals and lights, CloudKit support and remote push notifications. Along with better support for devices working on Android and iPhone (iOS) platforms.

While Unreal Engine 4.9 brings the Flurry analytics plug-in for iOS devices, Android mobile operating system, on the other hand, received support for OpenGL ES 3.1, Immersive Mode support, asynchronous audio decompression, NVIDIA AndroidWorks as well as better orientation. With a focus on mobile game developers, these game engine updates could bring a new gaming revolution.

Along with dynamic character shadows and point lights, the game engine also incorporates major overhaul to SteamVR. Major changes include the update of Gear VR to Mobile SDK 0.6.0, support for VR motion controller and experimental DirectX 12 as well as full scene particle collision with mesh distance fields. Additionally, it has Arch Vis character controls, ambient occlusion material mask, better distance field ambient occlusion, hierarchical LOD clustering and widget depth ordering.

SteamVR improvements include:

  • Fix for latency issues that appeared in 4.8 Preview 2+
  • Support for the standard Motion Controller abstraction, so both Vive controllers can route to the same player
  • C++ projects are now cleanly supported by the plugin API
  • Various improvements and bug fixes

Motion Controllers are now supported through a common abstraction layer in UE4.

“This means that motion controller devices will now all be available through a common interface. The HTC Vive controller is currently supported, with more (such as the PlayStation Move) to come soon. Input button presses and triggers can now be routed to a single player from multiple controllers using the Motion Controller key abstraction. Additionally, you can add motion tracking to your project by simply adding a Motion Controller component to your character, which automatically updates anything attached to it to follow the position of your controllers! We recommend that all plugins for motion controllers move over to the new system, so that they can be part of the device-agnostic interface.”


This new version of Unreal Engine 4.9 comes with 129 improvements and a hundred updates which include optimised math expression, improved curve editor, plug-in creation wizard, support for multiple return nodes and animation asset metadata. It also brings better sound quality along with an improved HTML5.


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