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Unreal Tournament gets a swampy new arena map


Amongst all the hype, #Epic is still working away on the #development of the new Unreal Tournament.

We have been watching the work-in-progress of the Unreal Tournament reboot for around two years now. A project that continues to move slowly forwards through team that is modest in size and keeping to a steady pace, based on #community feedback.

Unreal Tournament is certainly looking better and better, particularly on Linux. Last night Epic unveiled a new map, called Underland, a swampy arena housed in ancient ruins. which also happens to be a Deathmatch level for six to eight people.

But first, go to the forum page and download the Linux build HERE.

As usual, make the game have the necessary permissions to launched at:


Then launch the game by appending “UnrealTournament”:

cd /LinuxNoEditor/Engine/Binaries/Linux/
./UE4-Linux-Shipping UnrealTournament

Unreal Tournament is still in pre-alpha and there is no release date as of yet. So all of you fans will recognise some of the weapons from UT games of old, alongside the classic map Facing Worlds.


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