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Unspottable competitive couch party game releases

unspottable competitive couch party game releases for linux mac windows pc

Unspottable competitive couch party game releases for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer GrosChevaux. Now available on Steam and and ready to play. Plus the reviews are 90% Positive.

Unspottable levels up couch party gaming. With a competitive title for two to four players. While you work to blend in the crowd of AI characters. Then hunt down the other players. As you use the many different environment specific rules to win the game.

The competitive hide’n’seek party game will test you. Trying to see whether you can tell your friends from machines. Doing so on 4 of the 12 levels.

Unspottable not only has pure action and skills. But requires a level of sneaking, mind games, and tricking other players. The game is made with Unity, by a development team of 3. And this is also GrosChevaux’s first commercial game.

Hide amongst a crowd of AIs in 12 different environments with specific gameplay mechanics:

  • Revealing spotlights
  • Falling Bombs
  • Punching Robots
  • Sidequests and more…

Unspottable – Launch Trailer

Grab your friends and get ready for the funniest reverse Turing test. Be the best at acting like a robot in Unspottable</em. Then completely punch the confetti out of your friends. The gameplay is that ridiculous but it’s also fun.

Finally get access to:

  • 12 different maps with specific gameplay and strategies.
  • Expert Mode.
  • Games from 1 to 99 points.
  • New Avatars.
  • New achievements, Stats and ways to mind game your friends!

Unspottable also has an expert mode for experienced players. Just in case you want to push the deception and mind games.
Due note though, the game is local multiplayer only. But works very well with services like Parsec and Steam remote together. Therefore don’t expect to be able to play in single player mode. And there is no online mode.

Unspottable competitive couch party game now releases on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Priced at $8.49 USD with the 15% discount until October 29th. Available on both Steam and