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Unspottable couch party game gets native Demo

unspottable couch party game gets native demo for linux and windows pc

Unspottable competitive couch party game gets native Demo for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to developer GrosChevaux. Which is now available for all to test and play on Steam.

Unspottable is a competitive couch party game. Where you have to punch your friends before they punch you. Since you can blend in the crowd of AI characters you can be stealthy. While you hunt down the other players. As you use the many different environment specific rules to win the game.
A game not only designed on pure action and skills. But also have a level of sneaking, mind games and tricking the other players.
The developers mixed all of the above together with cartoon like graphics. Making Unspottable both visually appealing and fun.

Unspottable – Gameplay Trailer


  • Local multiplayer 2 to 4 players.
  • Easy to learn, difficult to master.
  • Hide amongst the robots in 15 environments, run in the playground, have lunch at the sushi bar, spot the players in the crowd of faulty robots and be unspottable yourself in the theatre, …
  • Cartoon-like design with cute characters and fun animations, constracting with the competitive punch-based gameplay.
  • Diverse AI behaviours the players will have to match to blend in.
  • PC/Mac: Wide range of controls supported (PS4/Xbox controllers, Keyboard …)

Developer GrosChevaux really digs couch party games. Not to mention a heated evening playing games with friends, gamers or not.
So in turn they wanted to build a very accessible game, Unspottable. One that has enough depth of gameplay to be competitive, fun for everyone and spark conversations. Or maybe trigger minor conflicts between friends.

Gather your friends and get ready for the funniest reverse Turing test. Where failing will be punished by a good old punch in the face!

In the current situation, it’s not very easy to gather for a game night. So the Unspottable Steam demo will also let you stream the game. Since you can play Online with friends and families using Steam Remote Play Together! Which also includes a native Demo for Linux and Windows PC.

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