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Unspottable now adds matchmaking

unspottable competitive party game now adds matchmaking on linux steam deck mac and windows pc

Unspottable competitive party game now adds matchmaking on Linux, Steam Deck, Mac, and Windows PC. A big thanks to GrosChevaux for their continuous hard work and dedication. Available on Steam along with a huge discount and 94% Very Positive reviews.

Unspottable is the ultimate hide and seek showdown with your friends. Throwing players into a bustling crowd with loads of AI-controlled characters and your sole mission: remain undetected while hunting down others. It’s all about being sneaky and strategic, blending in, and catching your friends off guard.

So, what’s the twist? Every setting you step into has its own set of rules and mechanics. So that every round offers new challenges and tactics. You need to adapt and change your strategy with each level, which is the fun of each game.

Due to popular demand, Unspottable now has matchmaking. I’m not entirely sure how many players will be on there, but fingers crossed that it’s full of activity. If it’s just a few people, it’ll still be a blast. If you end up liking it, spread the word on social media and maybe even drop a review.

There’s also no in-game chat feature for matchmaking. You can join the Unspottable Discord server to strategize and meet other players playing on Linux and Steam Deck.

Unspottable – Online mode trailer

One of the things that make Unspottable unique is its simplicity. Since getting good at spotting (or not getting spotted) requires some real skill. But there’s also a useful tutorial to get you up to speed on the mechanics.

And the competitive party title doesn’t stop there. The feedback in Unspottable is definitely positive. Including hilarious animations, quirky designs, and even camera shakes. At the end of each round, you get these unique nicknames based on your stats. Which is always good for a laugh.

But here’s where it gets intense. Right from the home screen, it’s every player for themselves. You can spar with your friends, getting the hang of the controls and fight it out to see who’s boss. And during level selection? It’s a mad scramble. Everyone has a say, so you have to be quick to pick your favorite arena.

If you’re feeling confident and think you’re the best among your friends, there’s even an Expert mode. Right now you can dive into the Unspottable action. The competitive party title has a 70% discount, dropping the price to $2.99 USD / £2.09 / 2,99€. Along with support for Linux, Steam Deck, Mac, and Windows PC on Steam.

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