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Unspottable will let you hunt down other players

unspottable will let you hunt down other players in linux mac windows pc demo

Unspottable will let you hunt down other players on Linux as well as Mac and Windows PC. According to developer GrosChevaux. Due to arrive in 2020. But you may be able to catch the demo on Steam.

Unspottable is a competitive couch party game for two to four players. Gameplay also blends you into the crowd of AI characters. While you hunt down the other players. But you also have to use the many different environment specific rules to win the game. Which could very well be the funniest reverse Turing test. Since failing can be punishable by a good old punch in the face.

In the current situation, it’s not very easy to gather for a game night. Therefore the Steam demo will also let you stream Unspottable so you can play Online with friends. All using the Steam Remote Play Together.
The competitive hide’n’seek party game will test you. And also see whether you can tell your friends from machines on 4 of the 12 levels. Which would also make a good game if you’re a streamer and looking for a good laugh.

Linux Support:

Unspottable is made with Unity, by a team of 3.
We have made Linux builds early on in the development process. So we are expecting to release on Linux too, after a pass of optimization for the platform.

Unspottable – Gameplay Trailer

Unspottable is Fun for everyone:

  • Simple controls: easy to learn, hard to master.
  • Competition based on observation rather than action.
  • Tutorial to explain game mechanics to first time Unspottable players.
  • Fun feedback. Ragdoll / Endgame nicknames based on stats / Camera shakes / Funny animations and designs.

Competitive party game:

  • Competition from the start: in the home screen, players can already get used to the controls and fight each other.
  • No information given to the Unspottable players about their position to push them to discuss. Lie and add bluffing to their strategies.
  • All the players can control the level selection and fight to select the one they want.
  • Different side quests and mechanics with each level, to create new strategies!
  • Expert mode for more advanced players

Hunt down other players on Linux as well as Mac and Windows PC. Unspottable is due to release in 2020. So be sure to Wishlist the game now on Steam.

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