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Unsung Warriors Prologue coming to Kickstarter

unsung warriors prologue coming to kickstarter in linux games

Unsung Warriors – Prologue is a 2D action adventure game for Linux, Mac and Windows coming to Kickstarter. The games going to be available on starting on January 15th. And with that, a demo will also be available.

Unsung Warriors – Prologue takes places in Iron Age inspired Europe, amongst various Celtic tribes. Mixing in fantasy with European folk tales and mythology.

So the release version of Unsung Warriors – Prologue becomes available to the general public on January 15, 2019. Therefore expect to see the demo on Steam, Gamejolt and
The developers are also mixing in some unique traits into the campaign. Along with Linux support for the games demo.

Since the game is meant to support our Kickstarter campaign. And hopefully fund the creation of a full length Unsung Warriors. The games crowdfunding will do two unique things, which I’m sure has not been done before:

  1. Backers will get almost instantly receive a reward: after someone backs the campaign, they can have their name put up in the Cavern of names, a secret place in the Prologue. The names are send via our server, so every Prologue version ever downloaded will constantly have the most recent list of names available.
  2. The progress of our Kickstarter directly affects the demo: To the west, there is a mystical place called The Shrine. Once our crowdfunding starts, this shrine will evolve in real time along with the Kickstarter campaign. So the conclusion of our campaign will determine the ultimate faith of the Unsung Warriors.

Unsung Warriors – Prologue Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • Single Player & Couch Co-op Mode
  • Play time: 30-50 minutes
  • Explore A Beautiful handcrafted 2d World
  • Battle Against Ferocious Enemies
  • Equip Different Types Of Weapons and Items
  • Buy or sell equipment at a shop (no in-app purchases)
  • Discover various secret areas
  • Use your skills and reflexes to survive
  • Keyboard, touchscreen and controller support (rumble included)

The Kickstarter:

Unsung Warriors – Prologue will bring the adventure to you on January 15th. The games demo will also be available on Linux, Mac and Windows. So get ready, Tuesday marks the date for the games Kickstarter. Sorry, there is no campaign page yet.

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