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Unto The End combat adventure in testing

unto the end combat adventure in testing for linux gaming with windows pc

Unto The End combat adventure in testing for Linux gaming with Windows PC. Thanks to developer 2 Ton Studios. Due to arrive soon on both Steam and GOG.

Unto The End is due to release on December 9th. Which is also coming to Stadia, for those who use the service. Handcrafted by 2 Ton Studios (aka husband and wife team Stephen Danton and Sara Kitamura). Where gameplay combines full blooded combat with breathless adventuring. Also taking place in a hostile, but beautiful and richly atmospheric world. While the gameplay is demanding but fair. Placing the player skill firmly at the heart of the experience.

A new trailer has been created to celebrate the release date. But also offers a closer look at Unto The End. With commentary and insight from the developers.

Unto The End | Release Date Trailer

Thanks to a reddit post pointing out the Steam discussion. It looks like a build is in development for Linux gaming. Considering the number of replies the developer has received on Twitter DM’s. This could mean a day one release as well.

Just wanted to say thanks for all the offers to test a linux build! I’ve gotten lots of pings on Twitter (and above, thanks d10sfan) i will reach out as soon as I get thru my current pile of todos.

Unto The End is a challenging combat adventure game in the style of a cinematic platformer. The story is simple: get home to your family. Master read react combat in intense sword fights. While you spot opportunities to trade and use items. An adventure told through your actions, how will you make it home?


  • Read-React Combat: One of a kind combat system focused on skill and mastery, designed and built from the ground up specifically for 2D. Fight intelligently and strike tactically with your sword and range weapons in fierce one-on-one and group battles
  • Handcrafted Encounters: The Unto The End adventure unfolds through carefully crafted encounters. Since each features intelligent and worthy opponents. All with their own motivations and place in the world
  • Player Skill Focused: A challenging single-player experience with minimal handholding. All the father’s abilities are available from the outset and mastery of those skills. As well as keen observation of your surroundings, are key to survival and success
  • Unforgiving Terrain: From cavernous underground ruins to harsh mountain peaks, overcome environmental challenges and deadly traps as you travel through a world of meticulously crafted landscapes

While Unto The End combat adventure in testing for Linux gaming. The December 9th release is slated for Steam and GOG on Windows PC.

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