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Unvanquished FPS releases Alpha 47 build

unvanquished alpha47 released for linux mac windows pc

The #free open-source FPS Unvanquished Alpha 47 now comes with Breakpad support, so the game engine provides users with a simpler and friendlier crash reporting system, but only available for #Linux, Windows and NaCl. This new #release ships with a medistation model that also includes a new effect.

“Happy new year! It’s our first release for 2016, and we have some nice new content for you.
On the engine side of things we’ve added in Breakpad support, which is a built-in crash reporting system. It is currently available for Windows, Linux, and NaCl, with Mac support to come in the near future. This will simplify bug reporting for users while providing us with more useful information to debug things, something that will be good to have as we approach beta and polish out the user experience. Speaking of bugs, we’ve squashed a couple of them, including logging/console spam, a clustering code crash, cheat cvars not being reset to their default values, an empty map crash, the repeater being on its side, and some more things you can read through in the commit log,” reads the announcement.

Unvanquished Alpha 47 also adds multiple improvements as stated in the announcedment:

There’s another new model in this release, the medistation, which replaces the placeholder we were using. It fits in better with our other human buildings, and has a new effect associated with it. Let us know what you think! While on the topic of humans, we’ve added in a number of movement changes for human players:

  • Slide. While moving quickly, jump and crouch as you hit the ground. This will slide you forward a good distance at a high speed. Use it to throw off an attacking alien, quickly slide into a vent, or cover a stretch of ground while strafe-jumping.

  • Wall-run. To trigger this, move along a wall and jump against it while running. It’s similar to how you would wall-jump as a marauder, but does not provide you with nearly as much extra distance. Use it to scale gaps, or get up on top of crates you can’t jump onto.

  • Side-dodge. Making a return from GPP, dodging to the sides can now be performed. Obviously, you can’t dodge backwards, which was one of the most annoying parts of the GPP implementation. Double-tap left or right to leap to that side. Use it to evade alien attacks.

Download Unvanquished Alpha 47 for Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows PC directly from the official website. The game is still in the Alpha stages of development, which means this is not a finished product.


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