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Unwording narrative puzzle game has a Demo

unwording narrative puzzle game has a demo for linux and windows pc due to release on mac too

Unwording narrative puzzle game has a Demo for Linux and Windows PC, but due to release on Mac too. Thanks to the creative minds over at Frostwood Interactive. Working to make its way onto Steam this fall.

Frostwood Interactive, the developer behind Rainswept and Forgotten Fields. Who have also be working hard on their next title, Unwording. Due to be a narrative driven puzzle game about happiness, gratitude, and the power of our thoughts. Kind of an ingenious style of game to be honest.

Unwording – Reveal Trailer

In Unwording, you play as Tom, a lonely, average guy with a tendency to see the negative in everything. A messy bed beckons him to give up, an empty inbox insists that no one cares about him. So everywhere he looks, the world shows him what he lacks.

Until one day, he forgets to shut his window and lets a little bird into his life.
As the player in Unwording, you play through three very different days of Tom’s life. While exploring his neighborhood and interpreting his thoughts through word puzzles. As his perception changes, his worldview widens, allowing Tom to see the unexplored. There are also unseen dimensions of his life.

To top it off, Unwording has a Demo available on Steam. While there is a Linux build, the game did not launch. Trying the Windows PC build, the game runs on Linux via Proton, but would crash after the third screen. Which does work now. Others were having the same issue as well. But you should try it for yourself, it is a Unity 3D game. And it works now!!

Unwording narrative puzzle game is part of the Steam Next Fest, until Monday 20th June. Again, you’re welcome to try the free Demo, results will vary. While games release is due in Q3, 2022 (September), initially launching on Steam for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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