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Unworthy dark fantasy action and native support

unworthy dark fantasy action to get linux and mac support

Unworthy is an exploration-driven 2D action metroidvania game on Windows, coming to Linux and Mac. We reached out to developer Aleksandar Kuzmanovic Games and we have confirmation. This is also the game with a twist, since you can’t jump.

Linux support:

“I haven’t built MacOS and Linux on launch because it just would’ve been too much for me to handle as a solo-dev.
I’ll be sure to port to Linux and MacOS as soon as I can (hopefully).”

So this is the direct feedback from developer Aleksandar Kuzmanovic. Since he is a one man show. Porting the Game Maker Studio 2 title to further platorms are also incoming. Some positive news and feedback as well. Since the Steam reviews are a solid 100% Positive. Which is somewhat similar to that of Salt and Sanctuary.

Since Kuzmanovic Games have implemented some clever workaround for the lack of jump. But you can roll, which helps avoid the game’s aggressive enemies. This also sets the tone for Unworthy‘s hardcore combat. Featuring a solid old school focus on dodging and stamina management.

Unworthy action Trailer (Windows, Linux and Mac incoming)

Unworthy has players exploring a grim universe, discovering new weapons and abilities. While working to defeat the vile creatures that plague the land.

There are also many ladders connecting Unworthy‘s levels. Which is helpful, because they are not always obvious. Some of them blend into the game’s layered background. Which also uses variable scrolling speeds to atmospheric effect. While others are outright invisible until you shine your lantern on them.

However this aspect complemented by the subtle gradient of the pixel art. Since is a surprising depth to the world. Plus the games sprites find character through sharp animations.

Unworthy started as a passion project in the Autumn of 2016,.Aleksandar Kuzmanovic quit his full-time job as a Civil Engineer. Brian Havey and Dalibor Bekerevic joined the team shortly after.

Unworthy takes inspiration from classic metroidvania games. But also incorporates a more modern emphasis on combat.

Steam and GOG:

Unworthy is a solid metroidvania action game on Windows, but as stated, Linux and Mac support incoming.
Also those eager to play now, the games available on Steam and GOG, priced at $14.99 USD.

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