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Upside-Down Dimensions – Linux is coming

upside down dimensions is coming to linux and mac beside windows games steam

Since I just received an email from Hydra Interactive regarding Linux support. Which is also now covered in their recent Steam Update for Upside-Down Dimensions. Not only this but the developers are working on the the games co-op multiplayer mode for Linux, Mac and Windows. So we can definitely expect some viable improvements coming in further updates.

Since their stunning paper platformer is available now via Steam Early Access for Windows. Upside-Down Dimensions is an enchanting and unique game. While gameplay combines action, hack n slash, RPG, stealth, platform and co-op puzzles. Creating a truly remarkable gameplay experience. Yet the games in development via Unity 3D, so a Linux build is in the mix. Here’s the full break-down of the current update:

Quite an intense week since last update. We are working hard to prepare Upside-Down Dimensions for the MAC and Linux Platforms. While working in fixing the bugs that are still affecting the games more complex systems. Since these are mainly due to the dual reality of the two dimensions in use. Balancing the game between the two leading characters.


  • First version of the MAC and Linux Versions 32 and 64 bits
  • Instant Flip, now the player can skip the world flipping by pressing two times the flip button.


  • Box Collision when character stopped pushing the box, which caused the characters some time to get inside the box. The characters inside the box will be a mechanic used in upper levels but in this way 🙂
  • Lighting orientation, in some cases when flipping the world, the lights were taking an incorrect orientation, causing the lighting in the scene to corrupt.
  • Paper Spawning, in some cases the paper spawned after killing an enemy took an incorrect position.
  • Combo activation, the combo was failing to activate after being unlocked near the dojo, which made impossible to use any of the combos that can be unlocked through the game.
  • Performance. Again performance, which will be something that will be always present in any announcement until we are able to stabilize it in the 60fps.

Again, any bugs found we will be addressing in the coming weekly releases. We are planning to make until this version of the game is stable. We are also open to suggestions on modifications to game mechanics. Or to new features that our players would like to have the game. So don’t be shy and share with us on the community hub, your thoughts, likes and dislikes. Or things that we would like to see in the game to make it evolving into something impressive.

In this line of work and communication with our players, we have already started to increase the priority of the co-op multiplayer mode and we hope to be able to share news in the upcoming weeks about it.

Upside-Down Dimensions is currently available on Steam Early Access for Windows. So we will have further details coming for the Linux and Mac build soon. Stay tuned.

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