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Utopos online spaceship arena fighting is back

utopos online spaceship arena fighting is back with support for linux mac windows pc

Utopos online spaceship arena fighting is back with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Jani Penttinen who’s reviving the classic. Currently available via Steam Early Access.

Indie game developer Utopos Games is eager to announce Utopos. The action packed online spaceship arena fighting game. Which also takes inspiration from the original Atari split screen version from 1993. Produced by the same team that brought you the popular URG shooter. Utopos offers 8-player frantic arena action. Designed to support those who are trigger happy fans of the genre.

Utopos (Steam, PC) gameplay trailer

Utopos takes place in a colonized world of humans. All due to leaving earth in the search of a better life in the Asteroid Belt. Rocketship fights have become a popular sport. So now it’s up to you to fight your way to the top. Choose your ship and weapons and fight against other players. While youo see who is the ultimate Rocketship fighting champion. Utopos is a multiplayer online game but does include AI-controlled bots. The bot also fight just like humans. So this allows you to hone and master your skills before taking on live opponents.

Those who enjoyed the original Utopos style game in the 90s can show off your classic shooting skills. So you take on and enjoy a challenge, experiencinge old school retro gaming. Join a session to take on the intergalactic space battle that is out of this world. The current version available via Early Access supports up to 4 people fighting one another. The full release is due to support up to 8 players at the same time. Slated to be in Early Acess development for roughly 3 months, but it could take longer.

Utopos has been praised during early playtesting. Since it’s a great way for people to play together. The reviews are coming in mixed. Keep in mind, the gameplay is still in Early Access. So there is more content incoming. While a major gripe of most reviewers is finding other people to play with online.

Utopos online spaceship arena fighting is available via Steam Early Access. Including support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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