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Vagante 2D roguelike RPG has a full launch

vagante 2d roguelike rpg has a full launch for linux mac windows on steam games

Vagante is a roguelike RPG that finally has a full launch for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games also available now on both Steam and Humble Store.

Since the adventure is set in a dark fantasy world. Players can also expect monsters, demons and crooks. Despite these dangers, adventurers commonly travel these unforgiving lands. While questing for fame, riches and power.

A recent rumor has it that a certain cave at the edge of the woods guards an unfathomable treasure. While a handful of intrepid adventurers have ventured into the cave already, none have returned. Undeterred by the potential danger, you set out by caravan to investigate…

Vagante Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows):

Roguelike RPG Features:

  • Local and Online Co-op – Adventure cooperatively with up to four players, either locally or online through Steam!
  • Procedural Generation – With procedurally generated levels, no two runs are ever the same, allowing for countless hours of gameplay.
  • Choose How You Play – Choose a unique class, skin, and background, then customize your character further as you play with your choice of unique class skills at each level.
  • Enchanted Items – Discover magic items that bestow powerful enchantments and game changing abilities.
  • Discover Secrets – Keep track of unlocked classes, backgrounds, music, and more in the Book of Secrets.
  • Explore a Rich World – Explore five unique areas each with their own set of dangers such as monsters, unique bosses, and traps.
  • Tough, but Fair – Play a game designed for players looking for a challenging but rewarding experience.

The future of Vagante

“What’s in store for the future of Vagante you might ask? We plan on continuing development as we have throughout Early Access, with bug fixes and new content, as well as adding localization and porting to other platforms. We’ll also start looking into support for modding and adding user-generated content to the game.”

Steam and Humble Launch Price:

The Vagante launch will retain its Early Access price of $14.99 USD on until February 25 2018. After that, the price be increasing to $17.99 USD. Which is available on both Steam and Humble Store.

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