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Valve adding 5,000 Steam for Linux beta testers today


The Steam for Linux beta has been running for 18 days now, and Valve has decided with so many people in the US enjoying a long weekend, it’s the perfect time to expand the number of beta testers allowed on the servers. So with that in mind, the current 1,000 or so beta testers will be joined by another 5,000 today.

If you signed up for the beta, keep an eye on your inbox as today could most certainly be the day you get to join in. According to the wording of the Valve announcement, the invite should already have arrived.

The reason for the expansion is because Valve is making good progress on fixing all the bugs using the service in anger has uncovered. There’s also that promise of releasing the final version before the end of 2012, so Valve really needs to ramp up the user count quickly and stress test this version before we hit December.

If you do get access, the game you’ll most likely get to play is Team Fortress 2. However, there’s thought to be at least another 24 games on the service that are already Linux-compatible. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the number of games accessible to beta testers expand in the coming weeks as another final test for the system.

Anyone who chose to travel over Thanksgiving and who signed up for this… I’d suggest not checking your email as chances are you got invited, but wont be able to accept and play until you get home in a few days.

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