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Valve has been removing SteamOS icons due to standards issue


It seems Valve started removing SteamOS icons from Linux #titles #available on Steam, this is due to required standards not yet met or some #incompatibly issues.

According to user mykro76 on Reddit :

“I’ve been tracking the total of Linux games on the Steam Store over time. The trend is very consistent with about 15 titles added each week.

My last three data points are:

  • 25/09/15 – 1521 games
  • 09/10/15 – 1555 games
  • 16/10/15 – 1535 games

For the first time there are fewer Linux games on the Store than before. My guess is that Valve is doing a cleanup of incorrectly tagged games in preparation for next month’s launch. Assuming that the figure would normally grow to 1570, that’s about 35 titles that have been untagged.”

Having been reported that Valve does not want a game advertised with SteamOS support when the title uses an “outside launcher/installer”, things like Adobe Air, Flash or something similar for the games actual interface. Which leads us to believe there could be some copyright being infringed upon, even if only slight.
After all, SteamOS or Linux for that matter, does not use such Adobe or Sun Java content to run the Steam client.

Valve’s Steam Machines, Steam Link and Steam Controller are due to officially launch next month.