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Valve releases the Steam Controller CAD files to the public


Valve has #released the computer-aided design (CAD) files for the Steam Controller to the public. Allowing users to make their own Steam Controller and quite honestly, this is a #brilliantidea. Following in the footsteps of the open-source based SteamOS, it is now time to ‘roll your own’ Steam Controller.

“We are releasing the mechanical CAD geometry for the Steam Controller and are eager to see the accessories and variations that come from your creativity. We are making available, under Creative Commons licensing, the geometry of all externally visible parts. This allows you to create and share to your heart’s content, but you’ll need to get in touch with Valve if you want to sell your creations.”


In a post on Steam, the company made a .zip file available which allows anyone with the technical knowledge to create their own version of the Steam Controller, or even design accessories for it.

These files include the geometry of all “externally visible parts”, plus Valve is encouraging users to 3D print and share these designs with the community.

Of course Valve will need to first approve designs and give permission, before users are allowed to sell their work. But the notion behind the project far out-weighs what many of us thought would ever take place.

As a further note: check in with [email protected] for any model related issues Valve might be able to address.


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