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Valve’s Steam Reviews Lets Gamers Pen Their Views

Valve's Steam Reviews Lets Gamers Pen Their Views

Valve Corp. recently announced Steam Reviews, a latest update to the digital platform, though which Steam #members can write reviews and rate their #gaming counterparts. Valve is an American video game development and digital distribution company, which is well known for its software distribution platform Steam, that was released in 2002.

Steam reviews which is being rolled out in beta, will allow gamers and users to weigh their #favorite game or any software that they have bought or registered using Steam.

Previously, Steam review showed only the metacritic views for games, that are combined scores from all around the web. This feature will not be replaced, but added with the existing one. The company said that the the new feature is an evolution of the Recommendation system that was rolled out in 2010. If a player wishes to share the already written recommendations, it comes in handy with the new Steam Reviews feature.

Users can write review about any game or software they have launched through Steam. Players need not purchase the games, as they can review free games that are available on the weekends. Additionally, gamers can also see a person’s playtime or the time spent, using the software.Scores submitted by users can be marked as being helpful or not, thus enabling the more relevant reviews shown first. Users can also search for reviews written by a specific author.

As of now, reviews will not feature qualitative scoring, due to the product changes that can happen with updates or new content introduction. Users can mention the language in which they are writing, so that Steam would automatically prioritize reviews based in a user’s local language. Gamers can also leave negative reviews, though every review will contain a flag button for other users to report spam or offensive content.

Game developers who want to have an interaction with their fans in a review, will be flagged as an official game developer. They cannot directly take off or censor review, but can still flag offensive content for removal.