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Vambrace: Cold Soul the first Feature Trailer

vambrace cold soul the first feature trailer in linux mac windows pc games

Vambrace: Cold Soul releases the games first Feature Trailer for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to Headup and Devespresso Games want you to uncover the world. Since the games coming later this month on Steam and GOG.

There is a new series of trailers. Which showcases the roguelike fantasy adventure’s unique systems. Since feature trailer #1 is all about the underground enclave of Delearch. Which serves as the central hub for the player.

As the adventuress Evelia Lyric in Vambrace: Cold Soul. You will use Dalearch. Since this is as a starting point for expeditions. Where you will discover quests and assemble a party. While gathering supplies and relics. Craft items, store loot and customize Evelia. Along the way you’ll also run into a colourful cast of characters. Helping you along your journey.

The 3-part feature will take you on a journey. Full of memorable characters and also brutal challenges. So expect a deep strategy. Stay tuned for the next feature video. Highlighting the turn based battle mechanic system.

Vambrace: Cold Soul – Feature #1: Town (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

Vambrace: Cold Soul is a narrative driven game. And to succeed, you must choose perceptive party leaders. While you camp to heal. Explore strange encounters and survive deadly combat.
Will you scavenge for supplies to sell? Or use them to craft new items for your next expedition? Since the surface of Icenaire is cold and unforgiving.
So, prepare your party well before departing. Lest you join the cursed city’s undead.

Feature #2: Combat


  • Embark on an epic fantasy adventure in Vambrace: Cold Soul. One that also spans 7 intriguing chapters.
  • Complete sub-quests to unlock up to 26 new. Also thematic character skins.
  • Assemble your party from 5 races. While supporing 10 unique classes of recruits.
  • Craft items and armor from precious materials gathered on your trips.
  • Make crucial decisions. Since one wrong turn can seal your party‘s fate.
  • Prepare well or condemn your comrades to permanent death.
  • Find codex pages to expand upon Ethera’s history and mythical lore.

Vambrace: Cold Soul is is coming to Steam and GOG on May 28th. Releasing on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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